The company offers a wide range	of delicious French pastries for snack break
Our commitments ---

How do we ensure quality ?

At Goûters Magiques, consumer satisfaction is our major cause of concern.
That’s why we created a quality charter comprising 5 commitments.

Also concerned about its environmental impact, Goûters Magiques seeks to limit its energy consumption promoting regional suppliers partnership.

That’s why we are supplied by selected neighbouring farms for our milk and wheat to provide an incomparable taste and flavour to our pastries.


The requirement of a tasty and high-quality product is an everyday concern. At each manufacturing steps, we have implemented a quality control system of our product and manufacturing process. More than 100,000 checks are performed per year.

Complementing this approach, Goûters Magiques has established a traceability system which ensures the consistent quality of the whole industrial process, from the raw materials implementation to the finished products leaving the plant.

On our manufacturing facilities, our quality department sets up a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) method which ensures the quality and safety of our goods to guarantee our consumers the best quality products.Furthermore, our manufacturing plants have IFS and BRC certifications as well as an organic certification.


Above all, pleasure and taste are part of our core commitments. To ensure this, our bakery team works daily to develop tasty and delicious recipes that can perfectly fit with a balanced and varied diet.

Thereby we are committed to use the finest ingredients, and when it is possible we offer recipes without:
- preservative,
- colour,
- palm oil,
- trans fat.


At Goûters Magiques, we are constantly seeking for new flavors, new tastes in order to adapt our products to new consumer’s trends and expectations.

Over the past few years, we have been able to introduce in the market recipes like long madeleines with citrus fruits, to reinvent pastry and offer original recipes which combine flavour and taste for the daily pleasure of the whole family.